Audio conversion, restoration and digital mastering to uncompressed WAV files. Straight conversion or audio restoration of analog audio to digital audio format in raw “uncompressed” WAV files. Don’t have some company put your audio collection on highly compressed mp3 format – receive top quality from Teamwork Media.

We use commercial quality turntables, cassette decks, digital audio decks, reel to reel decks,CD burners and digital audio mixers and can master to professional mastering quality archival CD-R’s (not the cheap ones) or to other storage options including thumb/flash or hard drives. We provide analog audio (all formats) re-mastered and recorded in real-time “raw” with no compression to WAV files and are compatible with Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. LEARN MORE


DVD, BLU-RAY & CD duplications, copies, replication with full colour printing. Duplications/copies/replication with Full colour photo quality printing on DVD’s, BLU-RAY & CDs.

Quick turn-around done locally in the Kootenays! LEARN MORE


Copyright does not apply to material you own, created or material that is in the public domain.

Material that you have purchased (at a store) may be subject to copyright & copyright laws or the videotape, DVD, CD, LASERDISC may be encoded with an anti-copying process. Some videotape,DVD, CD, LASERDISCS may be encoded with an anti-copying process which prevents making any conversions or copies possible. Please check the label on your material. LEARN MORE


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What TMTV Customers Are Saying:

“I received my recovered films today and have to say I could not be happier. Your team was able to generate some amazingly valuable family memories from some very damaged films. Regardless of how much recovered, every second was valuable to me. I can’t thank you all enough.
Reed S., Kalamazoo MI. USA
“In 1949 16mm movies were taken of a family event. They are images of people long since gone and in some cases the only pictures of them that I have. The results and service were beyond expectation. You’re not just a company that restores film, but a company that brings inexpressible joy to the lives of your customers.”
Phil L., Eugene, Oregon USA
“All I can say is WOW! My wife and I reviewed our movies last night. We were stunned to see the beautiful restoration job. Just incredible. Many thanks for your superb service!”
Tim K., Canton, Georgia USA
“Not only are you technical wizards, you are thoroughly professional and a pleasure to deal with. Outstanding job.”
STEVE S., BC Canada
“Absolutely blown away… What an amazing job on the 60’s/70’s reel. I ran your copy alongside my older transfer and was so amazed. Thanks so much. Looking forward to doing more business.”
Vince, Etobicoke, ON Canada