ATTENTION RE-SELLERS: Earn up to 20% commission.

How does it work?

Earn resellers commissions from all qualifying Motion Picture Recovery, Restoration and transfer (scanning) services from Teamwork Media. Contact us for other referral commissions for video and audio conversions.

Are you an audio, photo or video shop and looking to make some extra cash? We provide a whole list of Film, Video, Audio transfer and conversion services and have been doing so since 1980! We have helped thousands of customers preserve their memories over our four decades in business and offer great commissions & service for resellers. Our website: ™


Refer a customer to us by email with their name, address, email and phone number, along with all your contact information including your email so we can pay you by PayPal. When the customer contacts us and makes a successful order, we would then provide you a payment for 15 % commission for that referral. Commission is based on the final cost of the Service provided, excluding; supplies (media), transaction fees, tax, shipping (if applicable). 

Re-seller Commission

Deal directly with us on behalf of your client and receive up to 20% commission on the final sale of the order, excluding; supplies (media), transaction fees, tax and shipping (if applicable). This would be shown on the final invoice provided to you as a re-seller. The percent of the Re-seller (wholesale) commision is determined by the final amount of material transferred or converted.

Receiving Payment on a Referral Commision

A report would be provided to you by email upon the successful completion and payment of the customers order. Our commission payment to you is made in Canadian Dollars by PAYPAL for all USA, Canadian and European re-sellers. You must have a PayPal account to receive the “Referral Commission”. Other payment arrangements can be made if you do not have a PayPal account.

Teamwork Media will also keep your Business name on file for any leads that may come our way in your area.

NOTE: SERVICES EXCLUDED FROM OUR RE-SELLER LIST. Film “processing” (film developing) is not included in our Re-seller list. No commissions are eligible for any film processing, regardless or quantity.