We accept; VISA, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), Discover, PayPal & Interac E-Transfer. (E-transfer for Canadian orders only) checks, money orders or bank drafts when your order is complete.

Pay by VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express by phone or online by PAYPAL to receive the USA/Canada exchange rate. Canadian payments also accepted by INTERAC E-Transfer (E-transfer for Canadian orders only).

PAYING BY CREDIT CARD: Visa, MasterCard & American Express are accepted by phone or in person at our studio and lab. All cards are subject to verification. IMPORTANT NOTICE WHEN PAYING BY CREDIT CARD: When making payments by Visa, MasterCard or American Express your statement will show: Paid to; “TMTV.NET or Teamwork Media Television Inc.”. 

PAY TMTV BY PAYPAL SIMPLY, SAFELY AND EASILY… ONCE YOU RECEIVE AN INVOICE WITH YOUR TOTAL BY EMAIL, SIMPLY use our PayPal link: and pay TMTV or go to  sign in and then Enter the amount owed in “Canadian Dollars” for Services Rendered. Please include your order number, you can also contact us to email you a PAYPAL REQUEST FOR MONEY. Pay by PAYPAL Without Sharing Your Financial Information. When you pay with PayPal, your credit card and bank numbers are never seen by the seller or merchant. Your financial information stays safe. Plus, you’re protected 100% against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

NO PRE-PAYMENT ACCEPTED (Deposits by Credit Card, PayPal or Interac E-transfer excluded) – We DO NOT accept pre-payment by checks, money orders or bank drafts unless prior arrangements are made. If you need to send PAYMENTS by checks, money orders or bank drafts please contact us before placing your order.

DEPOSITS – A deposit of 25% or more MAY BE required before proceeding with your order. The deposit may be required if your order is estimated at a value of $2000 or more.

PAYING BY PERSONAL CHECK, MONEY ORDERS OR BANK DRAFTS: All checks, money orders or bank drafts with a value of $100.00 or more must clear our bank before we return your order. (allow 14 to 60 days for these items to clear). All USA checks must be paid in US currency and NO US/Canada currency exchange rate will be provided. All orders must be paid & cleared before we return your order. Please contact us to make arrangements if you require these services and do not wish to pay by Credit Card, PAYPAL or Interac E-Transfer (E-transfer for Canadian orders only)NOTE: Payments by checks, money orders or bank drafts will not receive the Canadian/USA exchange discount.

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING US POSTAL MONEY ORDERS: U.S. Postal money orders must be “International Money Orders” and payable in US funds and we do not provide US/Canada currency exchange for these types of payments. USA Postal Money Orders are negotiable only in the USA and NOT CANADA.

NSF CHARGES: Any credit card charge backs, NSF charges are subject to a $75.00+ administration fee on ANY order, of any amount, plus bank and service charges must me paid.

NOTE* USA Foreign Exchange These amounts will be determined by your credit card company, bank or PayPal account when payment is made. In order to receive the US Canada dollar exchange rate, payments must be made by credit card or PayPal only. If you are a US customer and paying by check, money order or bank draft, payments should be made in US funds and NOT pre calculated to Canadian funds. Again… we do not refund or provide currency exchange for payment by PayPal, check, money order or bank draft payments made in US dollars. Payments by PayPal are to be made in Canadian Dollars. If made in US dollars no refund is available. It will be clearly indicated on the payment email information provided when emailing you our invoice and clearly indicated on your invoice once your project is completed. Any payments made by PayPal in US dollars will NOT BE refunded. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any foreign currency information provided in our estimates or quotes.

Special motion picture services: Film recovery & film processing may require payments in advance (a deposit) by CREDIT CARD, PAYPAL OR INTERAC E-TRANSFER (E-transfer for Canadian orders only)Please contact us to make special arrangements if you require these services and do not wish to pay by Credit Card, PAYPAL or Interac E-Transfer.