NORMAL PROCESSING TIME: 5 to 10 business days for most orders. This depends on how large of an order you have and the type of work required.

NEED IT TODAY? RUSH ORDERS AVAILABLE: Same day, next day, or guaranteed 5 day service. Rush service may not be available on some orders due to “real time” recording methods. Minimum & additional charges apply for all rush orders. Orders requiring processing under 5 days must be delivered or shipped directly to our lab and not our drop-off outlet locations. Please contact us (BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR ORDER IF YOU REQUIRE RUSH SERVICE) or an order requiring a specific completion date. RUSH ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED AT ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

MOTION PICTURE FILM TRANSFER PROCESSING TIME: Depends on quantity, films condition and what format it is being transferred to. Most film transfer orders are completed within 5 to 10 business days.

FILM RECOVERY PROCESSING TIME: (Movie film that is warped, shrunk or damaged) Due to the condition-specific, multi-step process for film recovery, please allow a minimum of four weeks, but it can take several weeks to complete the recovery process. Processing time depends on the films overall condition and the amount of film to be recovered and or restored. NOTE: No rush services available because of the type of process used to recover warped and shrunk movie film we can not give specific dates for completion.

OLD MOVIE FILM DEVELOPING PROCESSING TIME: 12 to 14 weeks from the start of the processing cycle. Depending on the type of film processing required and when the film arrives at our lab for processing you should expect a minimum of 12 weeks + return shipping time. We prioritize film processing orders that arrive early. Film is developed in scheduled runs throughout the year. Rush service is available under very special circumstances. Contact us for the next processing date. 

DVD & CD COPIES PROCESSING TIME: Depends on quantity and file sizes. Rush services are available.

DVD & CD MASTERING FROM VIDEO OR AUDIO PROCESSING TIME: 5 business days but this does depend on quantity. Video and audio tape is mastered in real time.

SLIDE, NEGATIVE AND PHOTO SCANNING PROCESSING TIME: 14 business days minimum, depending on the size of the order and other slide orders in for scanning. (No rush service available for slides, negatives or photos scanning).

If you need your order completed by a specific date please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

NOTE: All the above processing times do not include shipping time, weekends or holidays. All orders may be completed sooner, depending on the labs current workload.