An unfortunate house fire caused damage to a families home movie film collection. The film was damaged by extreme heat & toxic smoke. They contacted us within days of the incident and shipped the film to us so we could stabilize the film and then provide a complete hands-on inspection and no obligation quote for their insurance company.

SMOKE DAMAGE: The film was stuck together and the emulsion (picture) was peeling and lifting away from the film base, it also smelled really bad from the toxic smoke. We are currently physically separating the film, very carefully and applying a chemical to remove the toxic smoke and to prevent the loss on the emulsion.

EXTREME HEAT & MELTED FILM: The film was exposed to very high temperatures and we use many chemical and physical processes to Recover this type of film. The issue with heat besides the obvious melting and shrinking is the emulsion (picture) can separate from the film base. Even melted film can be saved.

Special handling is required to avoid losing any of the picture. It is important, just like water or sewer damaged films, to have us stabilize the films as soon as possible after exposure to a fire. DO NOT unroll the film. This may cause immediate damage and loss to the emulsion.



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