TMTV (Teamwork Media Television Inc.) turns 42, July 1st 2022. Forty two years in business and proudly serving Canadian and USA customers.

Way back in 1980 the current owner (President & Director) formed TMTV after already gaining 10 years experience in the film and video industry.

On July 1st, 1980 we produced our first TV news story for BCTV Vancouver and TMTV went on to establish TMTV/BCTV Kootenays providing television news for TV stations and broadcasting companies from all over North America and the world. Before retiring from the TV production division at TMTV/BCTV in 2020, we shot over 3000 TV news stories and TV productions, while continuing to provide film, video, audio and digital services, in which we continue to this day, serving professional film labs, video and photo shops along with companies, museums, institutional archival departments and individual customers in Canada and the U.S.A.

You can rely on our years of experience, professional quality, friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff with exceptional customer service with the most competitive pricing in the industry. CONTACT TEAMWORK MEDIA

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We would also like to say Happy Birthday Canada & to our neighbours to the south in the USA, Happy Independence day July 4th!

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