There are several processes used in the Recovery of damaged movie film depending on the type of damage that has occurred. Vinegar Syndrome is one of the most common damage to old and even some newer films. Flood, smoke, water, mold and fire damaged film is also very common. Early diagnosis and prevention of further damage is key. Once your film has Vinegar Syndrome it begins in earnest and the remaining life of the film is very short because the process speeds up as it goes along with age or poor storage conditions. Same with flood, water or smoke damaged film. This must be looked after immediately after exposure to liquids or contamination.

TEAMWORK MEDIA LAB (TMTV) performs many levels of film recovery by a gradual, condition-specific, multi-step process that can recondition and stabilize, dehydrated, blocked, dried out or decomposed 8mm & 16mm motion picture film allowing it for immediate transfer to many of our digital formats.

We can handle even the most damaged and even “brittle” “blocked” & some “crumbling” decomposed film and get an image. It may be that only film of your grandma you have and our job is to make sure the film is not gone forever. TEAMWORK MEDIA’S PROCESS UNLIKE ANY OTHER: Our decades of experience with film has allowed us to use custom made equipment and treatments for the recovery process.

Our success rate is like no other…we can usually save up to 90% more damaged film using our latest Recovery treatments and application process than any other film lab and our decades of experience shows our success. Many film transfer houses and labs in the USA and Canada send their customers films to our lab to be Recovered or contact our lab for advise. Why not come right to the source and send your films directly to our  film lab and save money!


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