PHOTO: We recently received an order from a customer in the USA who’s 35mm slides were damaged by the devastating and deadly Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

The customer stored them for all these years and they are now covered in mold and still contaminated from the flood waters, but miraculously some images have survived.

Our job is to meticulously Recover, scan and digitally correct and Restore the damaged slide images.

Before and since Hurricane Katrina, we have helped customers Recover & Restore flood, water, fire, smoke damaged slides, photos, movie film, audio and video tapes.

If we can help you with your project, please reach out to the crew at TMTV.

Don’t throw that film away – no matter what other film companies say… we can rescue, recover & scan almost any type of damaged 8mm, 16mm motion picture film, slides, video & audio tapes! We are “the” film/video/audio recovery experts and provide this service for many individuals & film transfer companies in Canada & the USA. IF WE CAN’T RECOVER AND SCAN YOUR OLD MEDIA… NO ONE CAN!

TMTV, Teamwork Media Television Incorporated… Serving Canada & USA since 1980. Your after disaster resource for film and other media.

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