TMTV Film Prep

PHOTO: Prepping film after the Recovery process.

The Teamwork Media Film Lab crew has been very busy lately with some very large Film Recovery projects from southern USA. Physically Recovering damaged film and then scanning each frame to an archival file format.

Do you have damaged film caused by water, flood, poor stored conditions or film that is suffering from Vinegar Syndrome? We can help.

There are many processes that can be required to Recover slightly damaged to severely damaged film. Let our lab handle your project.

Don’t throw that film away – no matter what other film companies say… we can rescue, recover & scan almost any type of damaged 8mm & 16mm motion picture film! We are “the” film recovery experts and provide this service for many individuals & film transfer companies in Canada & the USA. IF WE CAN’T RECOVER AND SCAN YOUR FILM… NO ONE CAN!

CONTACT US TODAY for an online estimate or we would be glad to provide a complete hands-on inspection and no obligation quote.

Rescuing & Recovering Motion Picture Film since 1980

Using only Kodak Motion Picture Film products

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