TMTV Film Prep

The BIG state of Texas is not only know as “The Lone Star” state and famous for it’s hot temperatures, live music, ranches, cattle and barbecues and now… Vinegar Syndrome Movie Film. Not something you want on a steak! We don’t expect their travel guide to include Vinegar Syndrome!

We recently received a large order of 16mm films from a repeat Texas USA customer who has been archiving his families movie films over the past few years. The project involves the Recovery, Restoration, cleaning, preparation and scanning of some very damaged, Vinegar Syndrome films. Although they were somewhat properly stored, motion picture films dating back to the late 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and even into the 1960/70s can suffer this fate. Once it starts on one film, it can spread with a vengeance to all the other films if not caught in time and separating the films from the infected ones.

Not surprising, most of our Recovery/Restoration projects come from the lone star state as well as; Florida, New Mexico, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi the Carolina’s and other areas of the USA and the weather and stored condition play a significant roll in the type of damage you will see on movie films. The humidity along with the extreme heat can cause film to decay. Hurricanes and flooding also create issues for movie film.

We are very pleased to be able to help this family Recover, Restore and scan their films to archival files and media so their family can enjoy the movies and pass them along for generations to come. Take a look at types of motion Picture (film) damage that can occur or contact us for help on your project.

The crew at TMTV (Teamwork Media)

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